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Friday, July 15, 2011

"I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a cheeseburger today..."

So I just got back from a day out at my friend, Dre's house. I was getting some recording done mostly. But while I was there at one point enjoying some perfectly legal medicinal rips, some of the guys there were discussing a pair of jeans that they wanted to purchase off of Dre. They kept slinging offers at him giving different combinations of dates and times that they could pay him different amounts of money for the jeans.

At this point I thought of Wimpy from Popeye and his old saying, "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a cheesburger today," it seemed fitting with the different long term payment plans that everyone was coming up with for Dre.

.... but amidst my medicinally induced hazy perception I couldn't quite remember the quote correctly. First I turned to a girl there and asked her... she remembered in general, but couldn't quite remember
the exact wording either. Yet, without getting the quote straight at all, I speared an attempt at wit into the conversation resulting in my blurting out, "I'll gladly buy a cheesebuger from you... ... .. on Tuesday,"

This was followed by a short pause preceding one person's comment, "What the fuck!? Where did that come from..?!" interspersed with some laughter....

I thought for a second about explaining myself, but then decided to just let it pass, the discussion quickly turning back to the great jean negotiation that was once taking place, and my question for you, is have you ever done that?

I thought it quite odd for me to just try to blurt the quote out without having fully remembered it, and I was wondering if anyone else had any experiences where they did the same. It could be because of some medicinal or alcoholic influence, or just a plain old sober brain fart, but any stories welcome :)

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